Vegetarian Spaghetti Carbonara
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This Vegetarian Spaghetti Carbonara recipe yields a silky creamy pasta dish just like the regular spaghetti carbonara. The bacon is replaced with chunky, flattened, crispy chickpeas and the egg sauce with heavy cream. Try this for a refreshing take on a classic Pasta recipe. Italian and Chinese, I must say are the two most popular cuisines in India. Apart from Indian of course! Except for the fact that both these cuisines work with noodl-y things that can steal your hearts, the flavor profiles are miles apart. One is heavy on spices and while the other relies on subtle yet rich… Continue reading


Hare chane ke
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Hare Chane ke Samose, an easy samosa recipe with a filling made of green garbanzo beans and the wrapper made of store bought spring roll wrappers. That makes this Hare chane ke samose recipe not only delicious but super easy. The thing about making your own samosas at home is that it comes with an alarmingly large amount of effort. Make the dough, knead it, let it rest, then roll out appropriately sized discs, make perfect little cones out of them, make the filling, stuff them and fry them. Phew! This huge list of tasks is what makes most of… Continue reading


Begun Posto
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This Begun Posto is a fresh take on the classic Bengali curry. Made from a combination of poppy seeds, aromatic cardamom and other freshly ground spices, this curry is simply sublime! We had a verrrry Science-y weekend! I know, it was Easter and we were supposed to have an egg-y weekend but…me being me! We visited the Perot Museum of Nature and Science and then we had a mad-Scientist movie marathon. The Imitation Games, The Theory of Everything and then A Beautiful mind. Phew! I had so much of Math and Science shoved at my face that I thought I… Continue reading


Funnel cake without egg
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Instant Jalebis a.k.a Jilebis are discs of crunchy deliciousness filled with light sugar syrup. Who needs Oreos with milk when they can haveInstant jalebis? Seriously guys, don’t get offended because I disregard Oreos. You must try this, dunk and eat; your stairway to foodie heaven! If you are a regular here, you must have already realized that I don’t care much for sweets. I always prefer savory over sweets. Since, I blog about recipes that I actually love making and eating, I hardly ever blog about sweets and desserts. Then, there are days when a sudden sugar craving strikes and… Continue reading


Whole wheat Phulka Tacos
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Phulka Tacos! The next under the “Makeovers for Leftovers” series, soft, foldable phulkas to these crunchy hard shell tacos have stolen my heart, mind, tongue and whatever else too! The fact they are whole wheat tacos and took just about 5 minutes to transition into their new avatars makes their case for them; Aint’t it?  The concept of frozen food has been introduced to Indians in the recent past (the last decade may be?). A leftover for family meal is an alien concept. I should correct that. Intentional leftovers for family meals were an alien concept. The reasons you hear… Continue reading


Eggless vanilla cupcakes
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Add this eggless vanilla cupcakes recipe to your library because you can never have enough cupcake recipes, can you? Add some berries to vanilla cupcakes and you’ve got yourself breakfast-on-the-go. Add some whipped cream frosting to the vanilla cupcakes and you’ve got yourself some dessert for dinner. How about that! Is it too bad that I have nothing much to share today? I mean, I have this great recipe for soft, light as air vanilla cupcakes, do I need more? Yes, I do. Google says so. My sweet, will-kill-you-with-his-tech-talks husband, installed a software when we started the blog that basically… Continue reading


Baked Potato wedges
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These guilt-free, baked potato wedges will probably be the best thing that can happen to you on any given day. The crisp outer layer with golden Parmesan, the soft warm insides and the crispy skin. Throw in a garlic seasoning and herbs into the mix, these baked potato wedges have the ability to turn any sh***y day around for you! It is POURING in Texas. It is raining all the time. I step outside the house and it feels like I am in my bathroom! I thought Texas is supposed to be one of the drier states with water problems… Continue reading


5 minute microwave okra
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The fresh goodness of Okra that can be enjoyed with your dinner in just 5 min? Is it a dream come true? As much as you want yourself and your family to eat healthy every meal with greens, veggies and salads, it gets pretty taxing to ensure that. Viola! The 5-minute microwave okra to your rescue! You all know about the new addition to my family right? Alright, you one-directional minds! I did not have a baby! I told you a while ago about my trip to India for my brother’s wedding? Yes, I am speaking about my sister-in-law, a… Continue reading


mirchi ka salan
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This recipe for Mirchi ka salan originates from the city that introduced Chicken Biryani to the world, Hyderabad. A curry made with peppers, peanuts, sesame and other spices, it is a perfect accompaniment to any rice (including plain steamed rice) especially Hyderabadi Biryani. My mind is imprisoned in a Hamlet kind of situation. Stuck between two alternatives, unable to choose one and let go of another but I have no friendly ghost to call upon! Alright, here is my dilemma! Culture and upbringing is a two-face monster! It will play the good cop-bad cop act to its best leaving you… Continue reading


Dal Shorba
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Dal Shorba is an Indian soup that is made out of lentils. This Dal Shorba recipe uses moong dal (split mung beans) for lentils, flavors them with garlic and chili and obtains a creamy but light texture with coconut milk, overall, a winner for a soup and the never-ending winters! With priorities at the home front keeping me busy, I have not been able to pen my thoughts down for the blog. You would think expressing yourself is easy right? All you have to do is just speak your mind out, but your mind brakes hard when you have to… Continue reading