Quinoa Crepes
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These Quinoa Crepes are the best tasting form of Quinoa that I have had so far. Salads, Pizzas, and anything else, Quinoa crepes beat them all! Hands down, my most favorite Quinoa recipe ever! First of all guys, I want to tell you that I did not create this recipe to be a part of any health fad/food fad! I for one do not believe in them. For those of you alien to the term, it is defined as “The term used to describe the short term popularity among restaurants and consumers of an ingredient, dish, or preparation technique”.-Wikipedia. Mind… Continue reading


Grilled Broccoli Kebabs
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Grilled Broccoli? Yum! Grilled Cauliflower? Delicaso! Tandoori masala? Oh yes! My dinner yesterday was a triple treat with the three coming together with a spicy cabbage  salad & homemade whole wheat tortillas (Phulkas). And, it was all super healthy, just about 200 calories per serving. Oh, did I mention that it was Deee-lectable? Because, it was indeed. So…. I am trying to eat healthy. Not for any particular reason, just for general well-being. Being the foodie that I am and with food blogging added, it is almost impossible for me to go on a crash diet or skip any meal in… Continue reading


Banana Buns
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Banana buns are made from over ripe bananas just like this Banana Walnut bread. There is something about overripe bananas and their sweet flavor that brings out the kid in you, don’t you think? These melt in the mouth soft delicacies also known as Mangalore buns or Banana Pooris make an ideal snack with tea or even a perfect pancake-like breakfast which is what made our Sunday brunch this weekend. Bananas are a menace! Is it just with me or does anybody ever happen to find the perfectly ripened bananas in a store? Bananas that are not green like the… Continue reading


Baked Honey Soy Zucchini
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Baked honey soy zucchini is what all of us need right now! A welcome break from the cheesy, starchy, meaty snacks consumed in the name of Superbowl. Tasty, healthy sides like the baked honey soy zucchini?? I say, Come to Mama! Zucchini has always screamed out health to me and I love zucchini. I eat zucchini so often. That got me wondering, why I do not have more zucchini recipes on Yummily Yours? For crying out loud, I have more zucchini in the two sentences above than the no. of recipes on the blog! I know why. I never make… Continue reading


Puran Poli
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This weekend, we ate Puran Poli. Then, we napped. Then, we ate some more Puran Poli. Then, we napped again. Then, we ate more Puran Poli. Then…. I am sure you can complete the statement Last week was the arrival of the harvest season/spring and hence the celebration of the festival, Makara Sankranti in India. Called by various aliases around the country but all of them celebrating the harvesting of new crop, this festival is marked with a bounty of veggies, food and of course sweet things. Sweets made out of jaggery and sesame seeds (til and gud) are mostly… Continue reading


Oven Roasted Tomato Soup
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This oven roasted tomato soup recipe will result in a bowl of lip-smacking, spoon-licking bowl of delicacy! It has the perfect balance between the sour from tomatoes, sweet from sugar, heat from black pepper and a subtle roasted flavor from the roasted garlic and tomatoes. Tomato chaat, Tomato Pulav, Stuffed Tomato fritters, Tomato slush and now the oven roasted tomato soup. That is the list of tomato based recipes on Yummily Yours! I guess it is time to make it official now. I am an addict, a tomato addict! I must say, I completely missed the signs until these: I… Continue reading


Rava Rotti
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These wafer thin Semolina Pancakes a.k.a Rava Rotti is one of the tastiest things you will ever put into your mouth. Crisp golden bits with soft semolina and the crunch from roasted veggies, all in one circle and every bite, Yum Yum Yum! Are you into reading quotes? I am. There are days that I start my laptop to get to work, just stumble across some quotes on Pinterest and before I know, an hour would have gone by. There’s no particular genre that I like. It could be inspirational or funny or just plain sarcastic. The language and how one… Continue reading


Herbal Chai Tea
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Herbal chai tea is the perfect home remedy to soothe your aching throats, and the congestion in your nose and chest. With the cold and flu season at its peak, it is a good idea to keep this tea ready and handy but be warned, you must double your batch. The non-sick people at home will be drinking the winter away with this insanely-feel good herbal chai tea! “I never get sick! I am super strong”- Nachiket. Ok people. I think I have written enough about my husband on this blog for you to see through those lines. So, did… Continue reading

Perfect Oven Baked Potato

Perfect Oven Baked Potato
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A perfect oven baked potato is just what you need when you are torn between enjoying time with family and feeding them all! This holiday season, I did bake some potatoes but no, I did not make mashed potatoes.  I used the meaty soft potato scoops for one recipe and the crispy skins for another.  And, the whole thing was such a breeze requiring very little attention from my end. Making lots of food but not spending too much time in the kitchen? Now, that’s what I call a win-win situation!  All of us have heard of the saying, “Too… Continue reading


Baingan Bharta
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Baingan Bharta (roast and mashed eggplant) is the Indian Baba Ganoush because they are the same, well, they are almost the same. Could I please take the liberty of saying baingan bharta is a tastier baba ganoush being blamed for favoritism? It is just my Indian palette doing the talking for me Why the comparison? Read on…  So, I am back from my vacation with my family. I had a fun, successful trip. Accomplished everything I had planned (apart from eating from roadside food carts and hole-in-the-wall restaurants) and came back all refreshed. Except for the 12-hr time zone difference,… Continue reading