Corn Kofta Curry

These corn koftas that I made from fresh corn and then dunked into a creamy spinach curry is probably one of the best curries that I have created even though I had never heard of it before! Ummm… Let me go back, this is one of the best curries ever. Period. 😀 Did my introduction sound like I was trying hard to sell the corn kofta curry? Because, let me tell you, this curry, once in your mouth needs no selling mister! You just have to stop yourself from licking your fingers at the dinner table 😛   Sitting in… Continue reading


Broccoli Tofu Salad

Fiber and protein and a liberal dose of juicy red pomegranate deliciousness is what you get from this Broccoli Tofu Salad. Whether you are trying a new detox salad diet or you want to eat salads because the summer heat makes the thought of heavy food revolting, this broccoli tofu salad is just the thing for you! The other day, I received an email from a reader thanking for a cauliflower recipe and how she had never cooked a cauliflower before. Like ever! Growing up, we had so much cauliflower at home, ate them as street-food from hawkers, ate them… Continue reading


Kadai Paneer gravy

Kadai Paneer? Yes, I get it but what is gravy style, you ask. While most of my Indian friends would understand this term, it could be a bit misleading to my non-Indian friends. No, this kadai paneer recipe is not made from the juices of meat from cooking (it couldn’t be farther from reality :P), but the word gravy here means a thick stew-like consistency. So, gravy style karahi/kadai paneer gravy does not mean non vegetarian stocks and flavors but just that it is non-dry kadai paneer; gravy being just another “proudly” Indian-ized English word 😛 For a person who… Continue reading


Mother's day breakfast recipes

Why am I sharing Mother’s day Breakfast recipes? It is Mother’s day on May 10th (This Sunday). Isn’t this reason enough? Every mom deserves breakfast in bed or the couch or even the table but made and served by her loved ones. Even if the mom is a master chef, she wants to be showered with love through food cooked by her spouse and kids because that is one of the ways she expresses her love for her family everyday If your kids are too young, your husband needs to run the day which means he has to be handed… Continue reading


Vada Pav Bites

Vada Pav bites, a young and peppier version of the old, not so great looking but very tasteful (read tasty) Vada Pav! Perfect for a party or portion control or just to add some variety in life, these mini vada pav bites will adorn your platters and please both your heart and tummy. All I am reading about is about the Royal child who just arrived. Every newspaper, every website and all the news channels have just one thing to report, “the duke and the dutchess of Cambridge welcome their tiny angel into this world”. Ah well, she’s precious! There… Continue reading


Peas Pulao

Peas Pulao is the recipe you should try if you have never tried making Indian food. If there has ever been a recipe that is ridiculously easy to make but has ravishing results, then this is definitely the one! Peas Pulao is one of the first few recipes that I ever tried my hands on. Pulao being synonymous with Sunday lunch at home, my family has experimented with a huge number of pulav recipes over the years. Peas Pulao was a go to when we spent the whole Sunday outdoors and came back home all exhausted, just wanting some food… Continue reading


Sandwich Chutney

Sandwich Chutney is very Indian in its name and taste. But, one has to taste it (ideally from a vendor on the streets of India) to appreciate the nuances in the flavors of a sandwich brought about by this thrilling green sandwich chutney. How do you taste it when you are away from your country? You ask your mom to ask the sandwich wale bhaiya (Sandwich selling brother) for the recipe! 😛 Chutney recipes and raita recipes are the underdogs of the food blogging world. Not many really want to read them (I hardly do, rather, did) because you assume… Continue reading


Virgin Grape Mojito

A virgin grape mojito recipe that has an amazing twist to it from the spicy (very spicy) habenaro peppers. A mocktail that will knock your socks off with the very first sip you take. What’s new in my world? Well, for starters, my house is currently void of Thai chilies (Indian green chilies or bird eye chilies). Apparently, there is some sort of US FDA ban on it. Whether the ban is permanent or temporary, I have no idea. This news, however is making quite a few Indian ladies pull their hair out in frustration (Shampoo companies, here is your… Continue reading


Tofu Scramble

Make this Tofu scramble recipe your go-to, for a lazy breakfast-in-bed kinda weekend or for the upcoming Mother’s day special brunch. Either way, I promise it will be a winner with you and your family.  But of course! Right? It uses a minimum number of ingredients,it gets done very quickly, it is as creamy and soft like regular scrambled egg, and it is super healthy! This recipe did not start off being a Mother’s day idea in particular but as I was making this the other day, my thought process went something like this: “Oh boy! This is turning out… Continue reading


Grape Raita

Grape Raita not only makes an amazing side for your meals, you can just have bowls of this sweet & spicy dip just as is! For those of you who have not heard of a raita, it is basically a yogurt side/dip which can be flavored in multiple ways and mixed with a variety of ingredients to create a cooling side to your spicy Indian meals. Him: Grape Raita? Me: Yes. Him: You mean raita with grapes in them? Me (Now, a tad irritated): Yes. Him: The fruit, grape? Me (Exasperated!): Open your mouth! Him: Oh Yum! That really is… Continue reading