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Phew! Making Misal Pav is soooo much more easier than typing it out (or even reading it)! But seriously guys, try not to be intimidated with the long list of ingredients (most of it is what you already have in your pantry) and you are going to be treating yourself to one of the most popular street foods of Mumbai in the comfort of your own cozy homes. (Also, look for the shortcut method in the “my take” section) Also, it is made of sprouts??!! Who’s ever heard of healthy street food huh? I am going to give you lots… Continue reading


Roast Green Peas
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Storms and rains was the perfect excuse to make these Roast Green Peas. Thunderstorms in the background a nice book or the newspaper, a hot cup of tea and some crunchy munchies that you can pop into your mouth after every other sentence; that’s what some of the best days in life are made of. Do you like it too? I have a confession. No judging. OK? The scene I described above makes me sound so scholarly and classy but I have a weakness. I love street food. The tackiest of them. The tackier, the better. Do you think I… Continue reading


Vegetable Jalfrezi
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There are days when your refrigerator is brimming away with fresh vegetables that you procured from your favorite store and then there are days when the refrigerator puts on a brave face even though it is all empty and has nothing to offer. Now, Vegetable Jalfrezi is a recipe you want to make in the former scenario. Contradictory to the common perception, Indian food is not all curry. As matter of fact, most dishes do not even include what you call the “curry powder” in it. Nevertheless, I understand how one could classify any Indian recipe as curry. A tiger… Continue reading


Zucchini Hashbrown Muffins
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Zucchini Hashbrown Muffins are perfect for your weekend brunch or a quick weekday breakfast. Wholesome, nutritious, healthy and the best of all (a quality that does not usually go with aforementioned words), TASTY! There is always a right way and a wrong way of doing things. Take hash browns for example. You can have a greasy, deep fried, carb-loaded potato (I looove carbs, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have them in moderation) hashbrown from a drive through on your way to work OR have these super-light, baked, no carb zucchini hashbrowns made at home using the best of ingredients. The… Continue reading


White chocolate mousse shots
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White Chocolate Mousse Shots. Another week, another dessert. Dessert-lets rather. I don’t know who came up with the idea of having desserts in shot glasses, but they were a genius for sure! Just the right portion of sweet, soft and silky mousse with a dark chocolate brownie crumb…… And that right there is what you call a FOODGASM! You know the story. The my-husband-does-not-like-dark-chocolate-so-i-used-white chocolate story? Even if you don’t, I think you got more than just the gist from the title. They should use me as the script writer for movies. I can eliminate lots of bad movies with… Continue reading


Thai Coconut Soup
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I find myself craving for Thai Coconut soup (Tom Kha) every once in a while. If you follow me on Facebook, you might know that I am a sucker for soups and I also crave for Sweet Corn soup. And Wanton Soup. And Manchow soup. And… forget it guys. Let’s face it. I am a sucker for soups. Listing names like this is doing me no good. I might just abandon my recipe writing and dash into the kitchen to make myself some soup! Especially, now, that I have shortcut method to Thai coconut soup and I have a can… Continue reading