Grilled Peach Tart
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A grilled peach tart is a must make if you are fan of summer and its bounty of juicy fruits. Easy to put together, light on your stomach as well as your hips I know I have mentioned this a few times before but it is H.O.T this summer and I just have to say it. The need to express my dislike for heat and sultry weathers is almost as strong as my need to binge-eat fruits to beat it! Fruits are one of the best ways to keep yourself cool, keeps your skin glowing and our systems function smoothly…. Continue reading


Dhaniye Wala Aloo Basar
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Dhaniya Wale Aloo Basar is what you get when you randomly pick ideas off two classic recipes, dhaniya wale aloo and bhindi basar. Before all the words get intimidating for my non-Indian readers, let me just clarify that Dhaniya Wale Aloo is a simple recipe made using ingredients mostly available in your pantry. It translates into Potato Wedges stir-fried in a cilantro sauce. Interesting eh? Read on. I was reading (may be re-reading would be the right word? For the nth time!) one of my favorite books the other day (Note: I am notmentioning names to leave it to your… Continue reading


Cocktail idli
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Ain’t these Cocktail Idli Kebabs  good looking? A nice way of transforming left-over idlis into a cool party snack. There are two meanings to the word “Inspiration”. The first one says it is the process of being mentally stimulated to do something creative. The second is the drawing in of breath or inhalation. Woah! This coincidence is too profound! The thing you do to stay alive physically and mentally being called the same? May be, that is the reason one can draw inspiration from almost anything. A tragedy or an awe-inspiring beauty can inspire you the same way. The end… Continue reading


Cucumber Sesame Salad
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This cucumber sesame salad (or any cucumber salad for that matter) can be a refreshing start or accompaniment to a meal on a hot summer after noon. With a nutty texture from sesame and a minty fresh feel from fennel, this one can be a palate cleanser between courses too. You know how they serve a cucumber salad on the table at a Chinese restaurant? I have always wanted to do that. Have a huge bowl of cucumber salad plopped up on the table with my meal. There are 2 reasons for this: 1)      It makes my mealtimes very fancy-pantsy… Continue reading


Aloo Gobhi
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Aloo gobhi is a go to recipe for many Indian families considering it is simple to make and no head-scratcher. Just when you do not know what your dinner menu will be, this evergreen-cauliflower potato recipe comes to your rescue. Nachiket and I did some major restaurant hopping over the past couple of days. Tied down at home due to his work, experimenting with cuisines, a shopping spree, and movies came to our rescue making the long weekend pretty entertaining. One of the restaurants we’d been to was a Mediterranean restaurant. My God! The food was delectable! So, they had… Continue reading


Vegan Corn dogs
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These Vegan Corn Dogs have no dogs (sausages) in them, they have no imitation soy meat in them and they are not only Vegan (Duh! The name says so :P), they are also gluten free. What does it mean? Do they have air in them?!! :/ You know how kids always want the toy that the other kid or the sibling has? In my opinion, most adults are that way too. They always think that the other person has the best of world’s or the grass is greener on the other side. Take me for example. I always find the… Continue reading


Lasooni Methi Paneer
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This Lasooni Methi Paneer is by far one of the best curries I’ve ever had! With coconut milk creating a creamy yet light texture, this one, I promise, is better than that you would get at any top-notch Indian restaurant. I was doing some casual reading the other day and I came across an article that said that most couples share a similar gene pool and they start to look more like each other with time. Their life experiences mold their physical appearances. This article had also had a photograph of an old married couple who, I swear, looked like… Continue reading

Palak Stuffed Khandvi | Chickpea Roll-ups

Palak Stuffed Khandvi
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Palak Stuffed Khandvi is a sushi-like take on the traditional khandvi. While the traditional is rolled up chickpea pasta sheets drizzled with tempered cumin and mustard seeds, the palak stuffed khandvi is lined with spinach before rolling up. Also, I have changed the tempering. I definitely cannot tell you a story about palak stuffed khandvi or even the traditional khandvi for that matter. A story about how my mom or grandma made it for me when I returned from school. Because, I ate this for the very first time about a week ago! And, the story would not be mine… Continue reading


Toor Dal
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“I munch when I think and I munch when I write. Munch gives me the Punch!” – Yummily Yours Bad quote? But that in short is my writing process and picture to symbolize that. Welcome to the blog tour! Before you start wondering what it is, I want to tell you that it is just what the title says. A tour of the blog! A dear blogger friend of mine, Tracy who is the author of the blog, Salty Sweet life presented me with this wonderful opportunity of sharing with my readers, a peek into my blogging process. I also… Continue reading


Raw Mango Salsa
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Raw mango Salsa reminds me of the streets of India where the hawkers sell their wares from a hand-crafted bamboo basket. A hot summer day, soaring temperature and the sun shows no mercy. Imagine yourself walking down the road lugging a heavy backpack. Now, imagine a basket in front of you. A basket full of raw mangoes some of them cut open with a dash of red paprika sprinkled between the slits made with a blade-like knife. Oh! The joy of paying a few pennies for a slice of that wonder-fruit, a bite of which will make you forget all… Continue reading