Why am I sharing Mother’s day Breakfast recipes?

  1. It is Mother’s day on May 10th (This Sunday). Isn’t this reason enough?
  2. Every mom deserves breakfast in bed or the couch or even the table but made and served by her loved ones. Even if the mom is a master chef, she wants to be showered with love through food cooked by her spouse and kids because that is one of the ways she expresses her love for her family everyday
  3. If your kids are too young, your husband needs to run the day which means he has to be handed an instruction manual and reminded about it everyday for at least a week.

So, here you go ladies, get a print out of the recipe of the dish you want to eat and stick it on the fridge (where your husband reaches for his beer and kids for their ice cream).

It is traditionally expected that, I write about the importance of mother’s love and the nurture that strengthens you before I start talking about recipes. Well, I am not going to do that. Whatever I say would be downplaying a mother’s emotions and her love for her family. So, I leave it to you, my reader to slip into nostalgia, to reminisce about a beautiful moment or take a moment to call your mom or anything else that you want to do before we head over to these beautiful Mother’s day breakfast recipes.

I have compiled these recipes under the assumption that the kids of the family, with help of an adult (I refrain from saying husband here because when did they grow up, right?! 😛 ) will be serving mom’s their breakfast in bed. To make things easy, I have classified them under three difficulty levels:

  1. Kindergartener
  2. Middle Schooler
  3. High Schooler

Pretty straight forward regarding the skills required for the executing the recipe, isn’t it? Well, read on and click on the links or photographs to head over to the recipe you want.

Difficutly level: Kindergartener

Benefits: No aftermath implies no scrubbing the day after mother’s day!

Lunch in a jar

This is a very easy recipe for your kids and kitchen-challenged husband. Basically, you do the preparations in advance and all your kid needs to do is add some water in it. Voila! In your hand, is a perfect Indian breakfast. The biggest mess your kid can make is spilling some water. I know right! There can be no simpler a mess 😀

What your kid needs to do: Fill water in a glass

What you/your husband need to do: Help heat the water (fastest would be using the microvawe)

Get the recipe here on Yummily Yours.

Difficulty Level: Kindegartner

Benefits: You get to eat Nutella! Need I say more?

Mother's day Breakfast

Another easy recipe again. The only preparation you need to do is to ensure you have a jar Nutella in your pantry and some berries. The worst that can happen is your kids smear too much Nutella on the bread (and their faces too). Can there be anything tastier or cuter than that?!

What your kids need to do: Spread the Nutella using a plastic butter knife

What you/your husband need to do: Keep an eye!

Get the recipe here on Framed Recipes.

Difficulty Level: Middle Schooler

Benefits: Consider the day spent well if you start it on such a high protein note!

Tofu Scramble

This is a recipe which involves a minimum amount of cooking. Unless your kid already has some experience (I mean, has at least cooked once), your husband better monitor or the kids could get lost in the fun of scrambling the tofu.

What your kids need to do: Scramble tofu and sauté it.

What you/your husband need to do: Monitor the use of stove.

Get the recipe here on Yummily Yours.

Difficulty level: Middle Schooler

Benefits: The spring veggie is sure to put a spring to your day!

Zucchini Hashbrown Muffins

A recipe that can be customized to each one’s taste, this one comes with the joy of eating cake (although savory) for breakfast without the stress of the calories that come with it. With just about 50 calories a muffin, you can sure indulge in this one.

What your kids need to do: Mix the zucchini and eggs and shove the tray in the oven

What you/your husband need to do: Keep an eye on the hot oven and make sure oven mitts are being used

Get the recipe here on Yummily Yours.

Difficulty level: High Schooler

Benefits: Even if your kid messes up the recipe, the flavors in this recipe and oats itself will still deliver tasty results

Mother's day breakfast recipe

Involving some basic chef skills, this one is for those moms with budding-chef-kids or husbands who know their salt from sugar. Unlike the usual mushy oats porridge, this is a grainy, savory and a more delicious way (in my opinion) of enjoying good old oats.

What your kids need to do: Follow the recipe

What you/your husband need to do: Keep an eye and assist

Get the recipe here on Easy Food Smith.

Bonus Recipes: Smoothies that can be enjoyed with your Mother’s day breakfast.

Raspberry Smoothie: Recipe

Avocado smoothie: Recipe

 So long folks! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all!
Enjoy your special Mother’s day Breakfast, share these recipes with fellow mothers and spread the joy 🙂

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  1. Wonderful postPrash. And thanks for including the Nutella Bruschetta recipe.:).

  2. Wonderful post and ode to all mothers. And thanks for featuring the Oats Upma 🙂
    Heading to check out other featured recipes.

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