Kung Pao Mushroom

Kung Pao Mushroom is  made by using adding mushrooms to a Kung Pao sauce which gets its unique flavor from roasted peanuts and whole dried red chilies (peppers) being smoked in hot oil. Is it just me or do the characters of any new series you begin to watch all look alike until you are couple of episodes into the season and start recognizing them by their names? Does the fact that this does not happen to me with Indian cinema/television as much make me a racist? Ha ha. I think our brains are conditioned to do so. In fact,… Continue reading


Cucumber Sesame Salad

This cucumber sesame salad (or any cucumber salad for that matter) can be a refreshing start or accompaniment to a meal on a hot summer after noon. With a nutty texture from sesame and a minty fresh feel from fennel, this one can be a palate cleanser between courses too. You know how they serve a cucumber salad on the table at a Chinese restaurant? I have always wanted to do that. Have a huge bowl of cucumber salad plopped up on the table with my meal. There are 2 reasons for this: 1)      It makes my mealtimes very fancy-pantsy… Continue reading


Chili Paneer

Previous to this, I lived in Atlanta for sometime. The Coca Cola factory there allows visitors sample this huge variety of Coke they manufacture for each Nation. Some of those flavours tasted so weird, I wonder how their sales manage to be on the higher end of the spectrum! A few moments later, my brain answered my question. That’s the way people there like it! Why did I bring this whole Coca Cola story up in this post? Because that’s what Indians do with world food (I cant speak for the rest of the world but I sure know this… Continue reading

POTSTICKERS/Pan-fried vegetarian dumplings


I Know, I know. This looks like a simple dish with a fancy gourmet name. Trust me, these deceptively plain looking, Chinese origin buggers will blow your mind away with their bursting flavours in every bite. Properly made, the potstickers are crisp and browned on the bottom, sticking lightly to the pan, but easy to remove with a spatula. The trick to making potstickers is not to overcook them, or they will live up to their name by sticking firmly to the pot! PrintPOTSTICKERS | Pan-fried vegetarian dumplings Prep Time: 15 minutesCook Time: 15 minutesTotal Time: 30 minutes 15Serves: 3-4… Continue reading