This Starbucks Banana Walnut Bread holds a special place in my heart because it marked my first ever baking adventure. Back home, baking is not something I grew up with. Firstly, the stoves in India are not ranges with 4 burners and an oven and storage space etc. Second, not everyone has a microwave-oven combo or an oven. So, baking is mostly using a pressure cooker. Of course, things have changed with time and a microwave oven combo has become a part of almost every kitchen and ranges are coming into vogue. But, my trysts with baking began a couple… Continue reading


Banana Buns

Banana buns are made from over ripe bananas just like this Banana Walnut bread. There is something about overripe bananas and their sweet flavor that brings out the kid in you, don’t you think? These melt in the mouth soft delicacies also known as Mangalore buns or Banana Pooris make an ideal snack with tea or even a perfect pancake-like breakfast which is what made our Sunday brunch this weekend. Bananas are a menace! Is it just with me or does anybody ever happen to find the perfectly ripened bananas in a store? Bananas that are not green like the… Continue reading


Raspberry Smoothie

I am so lost when it comes to introducing this raspberry smoothie to you. I want to say, its a super-food healthy recipe. Raspberry has ketones which break down fat. I know it makes you wonder “From when did breaking down fat cells get so easy?!!!” Banana supposedly helps you overcome depression. Imagine how amazing your Monday mornings would be with the banana making you happy and raspberry making you less guilty about the rich foods you devoured over the weekend! I want to say, this smoothie is so refreshing with a perfect blend of sour and sweet and energy… Continue reading