Dal Palak

Dal Palak is my 100th post. There. I said it. Dal palak is my 100th post! It was quite tough for me to say this because I always thought that my 100th post will be a fancy cake or a rich dessert but I chose the simpleton Dal Palak. Read on…. While it has been said that the journey is more exciting than the destination itself, I humbly disagree. The beginning of a new journey, the uncertainty, the milestones, the end of a bad one are all so much more exciting to me. Are they scary? Sure, they are.  Do… Continue reading



Phew! Making Misal Pav is soooo much more easier than typing it out (or even reading it)! But seriously guys, try not to be intimidated with the long list of ingredients (most of it is what you already have in your pantry) and you are going to be treating yourself to one of the most popular street foods of Mumbai in the comfort of your own cozy homes. (Also, look for the shortcut method in the “my take” section) Also, it is made of sprouts??!! Who’s ever heard of healthy street food huh? 😀 I am going to give you… Continue reading

Crunchy Hulled Mung Bean Salad | Kosambari

Mung Bean Salad

My mom, like most moms in the world always made the yummiest food. She wanted my bro and me to be well-fed children (read fat kids! :P) which means that we hardly ever ate salads. This was among the few that she made at home. Others included different versions of this or sliced veggies sprinkled with salt and pepper! Not until late in life did I learn that salads can have creamy dressings and meat and eggs! Don’t get me wrong; these new salads (new for me) are very tasty but when mom makes this, I think “Whoa! That’s one… Continue reading



Dal/Lentils, also known as “poor man’s meat” is a very good source of protein for vegetarians. To make your carb source (rice or roti) balanced, dal just adds the right amount of flavour, protein and fiber. Dal is prepared in many ways in India. One of the most popular styles served in almost every restaurant is Dal Tadka. The cooked dal is flavoured with some dry spices and the icing on top of the cake is the tempering poured over the hot dal just before serving. The dal gets instantly infused with flavor and aroma from the tempering and compliments… Continue reading