Burnt Garlic Noodles, simple to make,light and so flavorful, you will forget about take-out for a long long time!

Guess what we had for dinner thrice in the last two weeks? That’s right! Burnt Garlic noodles, burnt garlic noodles and more burnt garlic noodles! I want to say I am really done eating this and I can have no more! But every time my-obsessed with this-noodle-dish-husband suggests (read, begs) it for dinner, I cave. Then, I think, well, it’s not bad and then serve it onto my plate and my tummy, brain, heart (I swear, most of the times, these three are never in agreement!) just want more! Continue reading


Pasta Arrabiata, a classic pasta recipe that can be made in just under 15 minutes! Yep, my weeknights just got easier!

Pasta arrabiata is a classic simple pasta dish that any Italian-food novice can make in a jiffy too. With some simple tricks to cook the pasta perfectly and to make the sauce thick enough to give a glossy, shiny coat to the pasta, you will soon be dishing out pasta like that in a restaurant! One of the pasta recipes that I recommend for beginners, pasta arrabiata is a fiery pasta recipe with a generous amount of chili flakes and a ton of makes-you-go-yum flavors in it. Continue reading


Mac N Spice

Mac N Spice and the classic Mac n Cheese are like the movies Slum Dog Millionaire and City of God. There are few who shall draw comparisons between the two movies while there are a few who shall take offense that you dare to compare the two since they are as different as chalk from cheese! And I am among those few who sit awkwardly in between taking no side! 😀 I love playing around with Pasta in my kitchen. Now this particular dish features macaroni in a loud Bollywood masaaledaar street food style! I like the pasta for this,… Continue reading


Mushroom Noodles

This Mushroom Noodles recipe is not your usual noodle recipe. It has no soy-sauce, uses caramelized mushrooms and is mixed in with this awesome chimichurri sauce. Oh! I almost forgot. It tastes like a ton better than any mushroom noodles that you have ever tasted! With the number of recipes I use, mushroom in, you would think I would love mushrooms of any kind. But I have not explored the world of mushrooms at all. Apart from the easily available, white button mushrooms, I have tried three other varieties and all I can say is Uh oh! I was unable… Continue reading


Vegetarian Spaghetti Carbonara

This Vegetarian Spaghetti Carbonara recipe yields a silky creamy pasta dish just like the regular spaghetti carbonara. The bacon is replaced with chunky, flattened, crispy chickpeas and the egg sauce with heavy cream. Try this for a refreshing take on a classic Pasta recipe. Italian and Chinese, I must say are the two most popular cuisines in India. Apart from Indian of course! 😛 Except for the fact that both these cuisines work with noodl-y things that can steal your hearts, the flavor profiles are miles apart. One is heavy on spices and while the other relies on subtle yet… Continue reading

Palak Stuffed Khandvi | Chickpea Roll-ups

Palak Stuffed Khandvi

Palak Stuffed Khandvi is a sushi-like take on the traditional khandvi. While the traditional is rolled up chickpea pasta sheets drizzled with tempered cumin and mustard seeds, the palak stuffed khandvi is lined with spinach before rolling up. Also, I have changed the tempering. I definitely cannot tell you a story about palak stuffed khandvi or even the traditional khandvi for that matter. A story about how my mom or grandma made it for me when I returned from school. Because, I ate this for the very first time about a week ago! And, the story would not be mine… Continue reading


Italian Gnocchi

I admit I was a gnocchi-virgin until my tryst with this Italian Gnocchi yesterday(If you are one too, check this). It was so amazing it definitely will not be a one-time thing. I could not help myself from cracking this one. The virgin and fling thing was staring at me right in the face! And finally… FINALLY, I got to say “If you think you haven’t got time to cook; then think again!” words from Jamie Oliver, one of my favorite chefs because this recipe gets done well under 15 min with a salad too! Yesterday, I had to make… Continue reading