Baked Samosa Pies – “Samosa in a Pie’s Clothing”

Baked Samosa

Baked Samosa Pies (actually more of mini pies) are wolves in a sheep’s clothing. Street food gone fancy! Or may be street food with a make-over. I made the dough at home but if you are short on time, check the “My Take” section for a shortcut that will save you at least 30 minutes. You can probably make them as appetizers for a party or as an evening snack with a cup of hot tea. I was quite skeptical about how this would turn out because I have never had a baked samosa before but to my pleasant surprise,… Continue reading


Vada Pav Bites

Vada Pav bites, a young and peppier version of the old, not so great looking but very tasteful (read tasty) Vada Pav! Perfect for a party or portion control or just to add some variety in life, these mini vada pav bites will adorn your platters and please both your heart and tummy. All I am reading about is about the Royal child who just arrived. Every newspaper, every website and all the news channels have just one thing to report, “the duke and the dutchess of Cambridge welcome their tiny angel into this world”. Ah well, she’s precious! 🙂… Continue reading


Baked Potato wedges

These guilt-free, baked potato wedges will probably be the best thing that can happen to you on any given day. The crisp outer layer with golden Parmesan, the soft warm insides and the crispy skin. Throw in a garlic seasoning and herbs into the mix, these baked potato wedges have the ability to turn any sh***y day around for you! It is POURING in Texas. It is raining all the time. I step outside the house and it feels like I am in my bathroom! I thought Texas is supposed to be one of the drier states with water problems… Continue reading


Vegetable Shami Kebabs

A dish steeped in History, Shami kebabs just went vegetarian, check out these vegetable shami kebabs. As the legend goes, these kebabs were first introduced by Arabian chefs for Mughal rulers, actually a toothless Mughal ruler! 🙂 I have always been a fan of kebabs. Grilled, minced, sheikh, they all look so appealing. As always, I found a vegetarian work-around and came up with these kebabs for a potluck party I was attending. Made for 20 guests but finished by 12 since the 8 arrived late! Now, that is considered a hit dish, ain’t it? Potato and cheese/paneer blend together… Continue reading

Perfect Oven Baked Potato

Perfect Oven Baked Potato

A perfect oven baked potato is just what you need when you are torn between enjoying time with family and feeding them all! This holiday season, I did bake some potatoes but no, I did not make mashed potatoes.  I used the meaty soft potato scoops for one recipe and the crispy skins for another.  And, the whole thing was such a breeze requiring very little attention from my end. Making lots of food but not spending too much time in the kitchen? Now, that’s what I call a win-win situation! 🙂  All of us have heard of the saying,… Continue reading


Dhaniye Wala Aloo Basar

Dhaniya Wale Aloo Basar is what you get when you randomly pick ideas off two classic recipes, dhaniya wale aloo and bhindi basar. Before all the words get intimidating for my non-Indian readers, let me just clarify that Dhaniya Wale Aloo is a simple recipe made using ingredients mostly available in your pantry. It translates into Potato Wedges stir-fried in a cilantro sauce. Interesting eh? Read on. I was reading (may be re-reading would be the right word? For the nth time!) one of my favorite books the other day (Note: I am notmentioning names to leave it to your… Continue reading


Aloo Gobhi

Aloo gobhi is a go to recipe for many Indian families considering it is simple to make and no head-scratcher. Just when you do not know what your dinner menu will be, this evergreen-cauliflower potato recipe comes to your rescue. Nachiket and I did some major restaurant hopping over the past couple of days. Tied down at home due to his work, experimenting with cuisines, a shopping spree, and movies came to our rescue making the long weekend pretty entertaining. One of the restaurants we’d been to was a Mediterranean restaurant. My God! The food was delectable! So, they had… Continue reading


Vegan Corn dogs

These Vegan Corn Dogs have no dogs (sausages) in them, they have no imitation soy meat in them and they are not only Vegan (Duh! The name says so :P), they are also gluten free. What does it mean? Do they have air in them?!! :/ You know how kids always want the toy that the other kid or the sibling has? In my opinion, most adults are that way too. They always think that the other person has the best of world’s or the grass is greener on the other side. Take me for example. I always find the… Continue reading


Baked Potato Chip Cups

Today, I have these baked potato chip cups for you based on the popular bacon cups. The other day, I had this Orange cauliflower based on the popular Orange chicken. You would think I am on this non-veg to veg conversion spree! I am so not! Wait. Am I? Maaayyy be… Yes, I am. No, not really. Ah well! Growing up, our meals were pretty much limited to what our moms had learnt from our grandmas which meant the cuisine was mostly traditional & regional menus. Then there were days when mom got adventurous and tried her hand at some… Continue reading


Vada Pav

The epitome of Mumbai’s street food – Vada Pav! Mashed potato sliders! Time flies by, does it not? From the first time I ate this on my travel from the southern part of India to Mumbai (Bad idea to buy from a vendor at a railway station; made me ill and dislike vada pav until I ate it again from a “hygienic food cart”:P ) to making it at home as a part of my entertain-friends-at-home menu, vada pav and me have sure come a long way. Cooking for just 2 which includes 1 fussy eater is not an easy… Continue reading