Baked Honey Soy Zucchini

Baked honey soy zucchini is what all of us need right now! A welcome break from the cheesy, starchy, meaty snacks consumed in the name of Superbowl. Tasty, healthy sides like the baked honey soy zucchini?? I say, Come to Mama! Zucchini has always screamed out health to me and I love zucchini. I eat zucchini so often. That got me wondering, why I do not have more zucchini recipes on Yummily Yours? For crying out loud, I have more zucchini in the two sentences above than the no. of recipes on the blog! 😛 I know why. I never… Continue reading

Perfect Oven Baked Potato

Perfect Oven Baked Potato

A perfect oven baked potato is just what you need when you are torn between enjoying time with family and feeding them all! This holiday season, I did bake some potatoes but no, I did not make mashed potatoes.  I used the meaty soft potato scoops for one recipe and the crispy skins for another.  And, the whole thing was such a breeze requiring very little attention from my end. Making lots of food but not spending too much time in the kitchen? Now, that’s what I call a win-win situation! 🙂  All of us have heard of the saying,… Continue reading


Quinoa crusted Tofu

This recipe for Quinoa crusted Tofu is dedicated to you. Yes, to you (Why?!) Read on. There are two kinds of people:               a)      Health freaks               b)      Those who have resolved to be health freaks this year If you clicked on this title, then you surely belong to one of the two categories. Right? 🙂 So, yes, this recipe for quinoa crusted tofu is dedicated to you. I must tell you the truth. It has taken me a while to get onto the quinoa bandwagon. It is… Continue reading


Tandoori Mummies

They were so yum and beautiful that I vow to recreate this recipe for Tandoor Mummies every Halloween! 😀 My silly jokes and pledges aside, I am sure your Halloween will get more spooky and spicy with these delightful mummies. As much as I have been trying to get back to regular blogging, vacation with family is not helping my cause! Everything in India is lived on a grand scale, be it your neighbour’s broken kitchen appliance or a nephew scoring a top grade at school. Amidst all the beautiful chaos, the great Indian festival of Diwali visits us. With… Continue reading


Sandwich Roll ups

“I solemnly swear that this Guacamole Cheese Sandwich roll ups is the best sandwich I have ever had” – Nachiket. Funny, right? Who solemnly swears about a sandwich?!! But those were the words from my foodie husband after he ate about 4 of them in one breath! 😀 It’s been two long weeks since I posted a recipe. While two weeks does not seem all that long, staying away from blogging definitely stretched it. While I was away from blogging, there has been no dearth of cooking and food at home as such. The long weekend brought with it a… Continue reading


Cocktail idli

Ain’t these Cocktail Idli Kebabs  good looking? A nice way of transforming left-over idlis into a cool party snack. There are two meanings to the word “Inspiration”. The first one says it is the process of being mentally stimulated to do something creative. The second is the drawing in of breath or inhalation. Woah! This coincidence is too profound! The thing you do to stay alive physically and mentally being called the same? May be, that is the reason one can draw inspiration from almost anything. A tragedy or an awe-inspiring beauty can inspire you the same way. The end… Continue reading

Palak Stuffed Khandvi | Chickpea Roll-ups

Palak Stuffed Khandvi

Palak Stuffed Khandvi is a sushi-like take on the traditional khandvi. While the traditional is rolled up chickpea pasta sheets drizzled with tempered cumin and mustard seeds, the palak stuffed khandvi is lined with spinach before rolling up. Also, I have changed the tempering. I definitely cannot tell you a story about palak stuffed khandvi or even the traditional khandvi for that matter. A story about how my mom or grandma made it for me when I returned from school. Because, I ate this for the very first time about a week ago! And, the story would not be mine… Continue reading


Baked Potato Chip Cups

Today, I have these baked potato chip cups for you based on the popular bacon cups. The other day, I had this Orange cauliflower based on the popular Orange chicken. You would think I am on this non-veg to veg conversion spree! I am so not! Wait. Am I? Maaayyy be… Yes, I am. No, not really. Ah well! Growing up, our meals were pretty much limited to what our moms had learnt from our grandmas which meant the cuisine was mostly traditional & regional menus. Then there were days when mom got adventurous and tried her hand at some… Continue reading


Stuffed Tomato Cheese Balls

Stuffed Tomato Cheese Balls is the deconstructed name and recipe for the Queen of Summer Salads- Caprese! Hang on! Before you think this is some fancy-pants-y recipe, just read on. This simple salad is called an Italian summer-time wedding by the New York Times and rightly so. I was watching an episode of Top Chef the other day and the task was to deconstruct a dish. I was wondering what that is and discovered it is the process of taking the ingredients of a dish apart and putting them back together in the same form or different, in the same… Continue reading


Pizza Pops

Presenting “Pizza Pops” – the lovechild of Pizza and lollipops or Pizza on a stick! Pardon the “cheesy” magician way of introducing this recipe guys. It is just that I have always wanted to stand in front of a curtain and say “Ta-Da!”. Just a fantasy of mine if you will 😀 Speaking of magicians and wizards, I really wish I had a wand. Oh ya! I have a souvenir wand from the Wizarding world of Harry Potter but I am currently wishing for a wand that actually works… So, if you have one of those, I am not asking… Continue reading