Made with honey, condensed milk and eggs, honey cake is a soft sponge-like cake that can be served at any occasion.

This honey cake recipe will result in the softest and fluffiest sponge cake you have ever eaten! Honey cake or plain cake can be served with coffee or…You can just lay it out on your table and watch the honey cake go from 10 slices to zero as your family grabs a slice every time they pass by the delicious-looking, nostalgia-inducing light-as-air….. Honey Cake! Continue reading


Mango Mousse Cake

Mango Mousse Cake is the best layered fruit cake. EVER! Actually, those are not my words. That’s Nachiket speaking. He LOOOOVVVEES mangoes and my Mango Mousse cake. Mango, often called the “King of Fruits” in India, is served in a variety of ways and as a part of many dishes. Entrées, sides, smoothies, desserts; you name it and you can make it! Its almost like the mango adjusts itself to perfection; like it does not want you to go wrong with it. Mousse cakes not only taste amazing but they also look gorgeous! The first time I made this for a… Continue reading


Chocolate Lava Cake

Dark, Luscious and sinful Chocolate Lava cake is the recipe I would like to share for the last of the series “RAVISHING TUESDAYS”.  Why did I choose this? Just a grand finale and the fact that tomorrow is Christmas with the new year lurking just around the corner… you can’t say no to desserts!   I can either go over the benefits of cocoa or explain why it is great for your skin like I have for the past 4 Tuesdays or move ahead because “Chocolate is not only good for your heart and uplifts your moods but is also… Continue reading



This Starbucks Banana Walnut Bread holds a special place in my heart because it marked my first ever baking adventure. Back home, baking is not something I grew up with. Firstly, the stoves in India are not ranges with 4 burners and an oven and storage space etc. Second, not everyone has a microwave-oven combo or an oven. So, baking is mostly using a pressure cooker. Of course, things have changed with time and a microwave oven combo has become a part of almost every kitchen and ranges are coming into vogue. But, my trysts with baking began a couple… Continue reading


Eggless Sponge Cake

Eggless sponge cake is in my opinion a blank canvas. A sponge cake is the base for most pastries. I like a vanilla sponge cake because it kind of is a neutral flavor. Like I said, a blank canvas. Paint your imagination with frosting and flavours. I almost prefer the flavour of an eggless sponge cake over the one with egg (probably because egg has quite a dominating flavour). But I feel the one with egg turns out tad more fluffier. I toy around with both while baking.  The search for a perfect sponge cake seems to go on. I… Continue reading


Grilled Peach Tart

A grilled peach tart is a must make if you are fan of summer and its bounty of juicy fruits. Easy to put together, light on your stomach as well as your hips 😛 I know I have mentioned this a few times before but it is H.O.T this summer and I just have to say it. The need to express my dislike for heat and sultry weathers is almost as strong as my need to binge-eat fruits to beat it! Fruits are one of the best ways to keep yourself cool, keeps your skin glowing and our systems function… Continue reading


Drunken Brownies

I wanted to bake something fun this weekend and Drunken Brownies rose to the occasion. They were moist, fudgy, chocolate-y, every so lightly gooey and the best of all, boozy! What fun! I love huge stores where you can find everything. I don’t mean Costco or Walmart. I mean stores like Home depot – Man! Can I find everything I need to build a house there?! I like going there even if I have nothing to buy 😀 And Michaels, they’ve got stuff for any possible art/craft project you want to take up. While I like these stores, my husband does… Continue reading


Spider Pops

This is second in the series of Halloween recipes for 2013. I think I am done with them for the year. Considering it is already the 23rd, I might not try more. So this is the scariest it gets this year. Sometime earlier, while I was just surfing the internet, I found these cakes baked in egg shells as a part of Easter celebrations. I was so impressed with the cute little things that they have been on my mind ever since. The moment I thought of making spiders, I decided they will be mini spiders with half the cake… Continue reading


White Forest

I remember the first time I ate black forest. It was in a bakery (which is now a giant chain of bakeries) that had opened up close to my place. My mom, bro and me fell in love with it and it is till date, a common favorite for the three of us. My bro has eventually switched over to white forest like my dear husband (who never seems to agree with me when it comes to chocolate; he likes white and I like dark). I love to bake but I hardly gorge on desserts. What do I do? I… Continue reading