Chia Strawberry Pudding Popsicles

These chia strawberry pudding popsicles are just what I need to ward off the soaring Texas temperatures. Phew! It’s not even summer officially and 90’shave become the norm around here! The heat aside, I had a pretty good weekend. I just got onto the twitter bandwagon and my favorite Indian chef, (whose show I grew up watching) re-tweeted my tweet!! Woah! (The recipe was this one if you are interested in checking out). This is also the same feeling that inspires me when one of you mails me/leaves comment behind/messages on FB about how my recipe turned out and how… Continue reading


White chocolate mousse shots

White Chocolate Mousse Shots. Another week, another dessert. Dessert-lets rather. I don’t know who came up with the idea of having desserts in shot glasses, but they were a genius for sure! Just the right portion of sweet, soft and silky mousse with a dark chocolate brownie crumb…… And that right there is what you call a FOODGASM! 😀 You know the story. The my-husband-does-not-like-dark-chocolate-so-i-used-white chocolate story? Even if you don’t, I think you got more than just the gist from the title. They should use me as the script writer for movies. I can eliminate lots of bad movies… Continue reading