Kolhapuri Thecha, the spiciest Indian sauce with peanuts and garlic

If you think Indian cuisine is spicy, wait till you taste this Kolhapuri Thecha, it is sure to set your pants on fire! If you’re a brave-heart who loves some adventure with food, this Kolhapuri thecha, the spiciest Indian chili sauce is definitely for you. Abundance of flavor from the garlic, crunch from the peanuts, the sauce compliments rice and dal (lentils) like nobody’s business and also goes very well with roti (Indian flatbread) and dosa (Indian pancake) too. Continue reading


Spicy Chimichurri Sauce

Spicy Chimichurri sauce made me believe in love at first sight (or should I say first taste?). Full of green goodness and the earthy smell of herbs, you can use spicy chimichurri sauce as a marinade for your grilling recipes or to jazz up any weekday meal as dip or side. You know how most women walk into clothing stores and never realize how they ended up with 3 new dresses even though they had no intention of shopping? You know how most men enter an electronic giant store and walk out with 3…. whatever it is they buy? Me?… Continue reading


Sandwich Chutney

Sandwich Chutney is very Indian in its name and taste. But, one has to taste it (ideally from a vendor on the streets of India) to appreciate the nuances in the flavors of a sandwich brought about by this thrilling green sandwich chutney. How do you taste it when you are away from your country? You ask your mom to ask the sandwich wale bhaiya (Sandwich selling brother) for the recipe! 😛 Chutney recipes and raita recipes are the underdogs of the food blogging world. Not many really want to read them (I hardly do, rather, did) because you assume… Continue reading


Szechuan Sauce

Spicy Szechuan sauce is you could say, a cousin of sriracha and a distant cousin of tabasco. The gene pool for all spicy sauces is quite similar actually; fiery peppers/chilies with some acidifying and sweetening agents. The variation of these adjuvants (an agent that modifies the effect of other agents) is what makes a Szechuan or a sriracha or a tabasco. (Do forgive the excessive scientific… swearing if you will. That is the nerd in me talking 😛 ) A few years ago(a decade ago to be precise. Darn! Am I getting old… or wise? 🙂 ), my dad met… Continue reading