Sandwich Chutney

Sandwich Chutney is very Indian in its name and taste. But, one has to taste it (ideally from a vendor on the streets of India) to appreciate the nuances in the flavors of a sandwich brought about by this thrilling green sandwich chutney. How do you taste it when you are away from your country? You ask your mom to ask the sandwich wale bhaiya (Sandwich selling brother) for the recipe! 😛 Chutney recipes and raita recipes are the underdogs of the food blogging world. Not many really want to read them (I hardly do, rather, did) because you assume… Continue reading


Tofu Scramble

Make this Tofu scramble recipe your go-to, for a lazy breakfast-in-bed kinda weekend or for the upcoming Mother’s day special brunch. Either way, I promise it will be a winner with you and your family.  But of course! Right? It uses a minimum number of ingredients,it gets done very quickly, it is as creamy and soft like regular scrambled egg, and it is super healthy! This recipe did not start off being a Mother’s day idea in particular but as I was making this the other day, my thought process went something like this: “Oh boy! This is turning out… Continue reading


Grape Raita

Grape Raita not only makes an amazing side for your meals, you can just have bowls of this sweet & spicy dip just as is! For those of you who have not heard of a raita, it is basically a yogurt side/dip which can be flavored in multiple ways and mixed with a variety of ingredients to create a cooling side to your spicy Indian meals. Him: Grape Raita? Me: Yes. Him: You mean raita with grapes in them? Me (Now, a tad irritated): Yes. Him: The fruit, grape? Me (Exasperated!): Open your mouth! Him: Oh Yum! That really is… Continue reading


5 minute microwave okra

The fresh goodness of Okra that can be enjoyed with your dinner in just 5 min? Is it a dream come true? As much as you want yourself and your family to eat healthy every meal with greens, veggies and salads, it gets pretty taxing to ensure that. Viola! The 5-minute microwave okra to your rescue! You all know about the new addition to my family right? Alright, you one-directional minds! I did not have a baby! I told you a while ago about my trip to India for my brother’s wedding? Yes, I am speaking about my sister-in-law, a… Continue reading


mirchi ka salan

This recipe for Mirchi ka salan originates from the city that introduced Chicken Biryani to the world, Hyderabad. A curry made with peppers, peanuts, sesame and other spices, it is a perfect accompaniment to any rice (including plain steamed rice) especially Hyderabadi Biryani. My mind is imprisoned in a Hamlet kind of situation. Stuck between two alternatives, unable to choose one and let go of another but I have no friendly ghost to call upon! Alright, here is my dilemma! Culture and upbringing is a two-face monster! It will play the good cop-bad cop act to its best leaving you… Continue reading


Baked Honey Soy Zucchini

Baked honey soy zucchini is what all of us need right now! A welcome break from the cheesy, starchy, meaty snacks consumed in the name of Superbowl. Tasty, healthy sides like the baked honey soy zucchini?? I say, Come to Mama! Zucchini has always screamed out health to me and I love zucchini. I eat zucchini so often. That got me wondering, why I do not have more zucchini recipes on Yummily Yours? For crying out loud, I have more zucchini in the two sentences above than the no. of recipes on the blog! 😛 I know why. I never… Continue reading


Peanut Chutney

Said the Peanut Chutney, “I am a must have in your kitchen because I am awesome!” I have to agree with the vain peanut chutney because it is one of the most versatile spice-mixes/dressings I have in my kitchen.   I know it is not so cool to make a list of “the following:” in a blog but I honestly cannot resist. I see no other way to share you at least a few of the multitude of uses of this “omnipotent” chutney (I do wish I was a poet :P). a)      As an instant dressing for a salad b)     … Continue reading


Dhaniye Wala Aloo Basar

Dhaniya Wale Aloo Basar is what you get when you randomly pick ideas off two classic recipes, dhaniya wale aloo and bhindi basar. Before all the words get intimidating for my non-Indian readers, let me just clarify that Dhaniya Wale Aloo is a simple recipe made using ingredients mostly available in your pantry. It translates into Potato Wedges stir-fried in a cilantro sauce. Interesting eh? Read on. I was reading (may be re-reading would be the right word? For the nth time!) one of my favorite books the other day (Note: I am notmentioning names to leave it to your… Continue reading


Cucumber Sesame Salad

This cucumber sesame salad (or any cucumber salad for that matter) can be a refreshing start or accompaniment to a meal on a hot summer after noon. With a nutty texture from sesame and a minty fresh feel from fennel, this one can be a palate cleanser between courses too. You know how they serve a cucumber salad on the table at a Chinese restaurant? I have always wanted to do that. Have a huge bowl of cucumber salad plopped up on the table with my meal. There are 2 reasons for this: 1)      It makes my mealtimes very fancy-pantsy… Continue reading


Aloo Gobhi

Aloo gobhi is a go to recipe for many Indian families considering it is simple to make and no head-scratcher. Just when you do not know what your dinner menu will be, this evergreen-cauliflower potato recipe comes to your rescue. Nachiket and I did some major restaurant hopping over the past couple of days. Tied down at home due to his work, experimenting with cuisines, a shopping spree, and movies came to our rescue making the long weekend pretty entertaining. One of the restaurants we’d been to was a Mediterranean restaurant. My God! The food was delectable! So, they had… Continue reading