Burnt Garlic Noodles, simple to make,light and so flavorful, you will forget about take-out for a long long time!

Guess what we had for dinner thrice in the last two weeks? That’s right! Burnt Garlic noodles, burnt garlic noodles and more burnt garlic noodles! I want to say I am really done eating this and I can have no more! But every time my-obsessed with this-noodle-dish-husband suggests (read, begs) it for dinner, I cave. Then, I think, well, it’s not bad and then serve it onto my plate and my tummy, brain, heart (I swear, most of the times, these three are never in agreement!) just want more! Continue reading


Singapore Street Noodles

I love Singapore Street Noodles. How many of you have stayed away from home, loved ones or your favorite food? I am sure everyone can vouch for me when I say, “Absence definitely makes the heart grow fonder”. Living continents away from home is no cake walk! You begin to crave for that familiar language, smells, taste and anything that your brain associates with HOME.  So the saga of search for food with Indian flavors begins for most Indians outside of India. It is something that never ends! When I walked into one of the popular chain of restaurants and… Continue reading


Mushroom Noodles

This Mushroom Noodles recipe is not your usual noodle recipe. It has no soy-sauce, uses caramelized mushrooms and is mixed in with this awesome chimichurri sauce. Oh! I almost forgot. It tastes like a ton better than any mushroom noodles that you have ever tasted! With the number of recipes I use, mushroom in, you would think I would love mushrooms of any kind. But I have not explored the world of mushrooms at all. Apart from the easily available, white button mushrooms, I have tried three other varieties and all I can say is Uh oh! I was unable… Continue reading


Hakka Noodles

What did I have for dinner last night? Vegetarian Hakka Noodles! Yum… Yum.. Yum…    A plateful of fresh veggies with noodles, oooooo… Everyone’s favorite, toddlers, teenagers and even grandparents! Tom & Jerry and noodles. I do not know anybody who would say no to these. Ever wondered what is in them that hooks a kid barely 2 yrs old and has hardly seen life; and is still able to extend its clasp on adults who have “been there done that” regarding most things in life! One of those unresolved mysteries of life I guess. What are the vegetables that… Continue reading


Simple Sriracha Noodles

These Simple Sriracha Noodles, I guarantee, will bowl you over. I hope the word ‘really’ is good enough an adjective to describe the ease of making these amazingly tasty Sriracha Noodles. There are 2 kinds of people on Earth. Those who finish their work at least a couple of days earlier and those who cannot do anything about their work until the V.E.R.Y last day. I’m pretty sure the two sets can very well defend their styles of working. But when these two come together, especially in a marriage, you have got yourself a recipe for “All hell broke loose!!”…. Continue reading