Boiled peanuts in a tangy street food avatar usually served as munchies with beer and drinks but makes a great after school snack too

I know the name seems long…. “Boiled peanuts masala chaat”; but, unlike the name, the recipe is super short, I promise! An after schools snack or a side to go with tea or munchies with your beer, this ultimate street food aka boiled peanuts masala chaat is a combo of 3 delicacies – boiled peanuts (need I say more?), peanuts masala (peanuts with a sprinkling of Indian spices) and a chaat (tangy, spicy street food of India).
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Date Rolls

Date Rolls filled with nuts, soft, chewy and the next best thing to caffeine to jolt your senses awake with a burst of energy!  I have used pitted mejdool dates. They are a soft variety of dates with a caramel like outer skin. I did not use a food processor but chopped the dates by hand (not because I wanted to be a hero but I thought the dates might stick to the blades and become mushy an create a mess which would take up more of my time than cutting by hand…so :P). Also, I have used some Marie… Continue reading


Broccoli Tofu Salad

Fiber and protein and a liberal dose of juicy red pomegranate deliciousness is what you get from this Broccoli Tofu Salad. Whether you are trying a new detox salad diet or you want to eat salads because the summer heat makes the thought of heavy food revolting, this broccoli tofu salad is just the thing for you! The other day, I received an email from a reader thanking for a cauliflower recipe and how she had never cooked a cauliflower before. Like ever! Growing up, we had so much cauliflower at home, ate them as street-food from hawkers, ate them… Continue reading