Dal Palak is my 100th post. There. I said it. Dal palak is my 100th post! It was quite tough for me to say this because I always thought that my 100th post will be a fancy cake or a rich dessert but I chose the simpleton Dal Palak. Read on….

Dal Palak

While it has been said that the journey is more exciting than the destination itself, I humbly disagree. The beginning of a new journey, the uncertainty, the milestones, the end of a bad one are all so much more exciting to me. Are they scary? Sure, they are.  Do I not enjoy the comforting lull of a smooth journey? Sure, I do. But, the statement says it itself. It is a lull albeit comforting. The joy that milestones bring with them is what spurs me on. I like looking back with a feeling of satisfaction and looking forward with a sensation of anxiety.

Sharing each recipe with you all and the whole journey upto this day was a roller-coaster ride.  But, I am happy today. Because, I wondered along the way, if I would ever have enough recipes to call it a collection, if I really do know 100 recipes to share. Was it a mistake to start a blog? We underestimate our own potential sometimes. But, blogging has opened up unexplored areas of my brain and I survived!

Dhal Curry

So, here’s to 100 recipes and all of you! Your love and encouragement has kept me motivated to share more recipes every day. A HUGE THANK YOU! (and a giveaway too!)  Keep it coming guys! 🙂

The past couple of weeks have gone by wondering what is that special recipe I want to share today. Nachiket and myself shortlisted, Tiramisu. One of our favorite desserts. We cannever have enough of it! After I made the perfect, creamy, melt-in-the-mouth, Tiramisu, and binged on it, I made dal palak. (We gotta eat right? Tiramisu is dessert, what about the main course?) The hot rice, warm dal, the texture of spinach, the flavors of garlic; this is what soul food is for me. As much as I love Tiramisu, at the end of a long day, I would choose a bowl of warm dal palak over a slice of Tiramisu.

Dhal Curry

Then, It hit me! Celebration is not about something fancy but about something that is close to your heart. What better to share with all my readers (who are as close to my heart as the blog itself!) a recipe that spells comfort to me?

And the most important thing, the recipe is totally in line with the GIVEAWAY! Yay! I received so many emails from readers who loved the 3-month free subscription to “Healthy Recipes Magazine” that was a part of this post here.  So, this one is a one year subscription to the very same magazine. The team at healthy magazine have some amazing work to their credit and a 12 month subscription to healthy living?? Yes Please!


Dal Palak

Here’s the recipe for:

Dal Palak


Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 25 minutes

Serves: 2-3



  • 3/4 cup Toor Dal (Yellow Lentils)
  • 6 Oz/ 150 g spinach leaves
  • 6 cloves of garlic
  • 3/4 cup crudely diced onion
  • 2-3 green chili (Bird eye chili)
  • 1 tsp cumin seeds
  • 1/4 tsp mustard seeds (optional)
  • 2 tbsp oil
  • 2-3 whole dried red chili


  1. Cook the lentils, spinach, diced onion, 3 cloves of garlic, green chili together until the lentils turn soft. Personally, I use a pressure cooker for this to save time. You could confortable cook lentils in an open pan or a slow cooker as well.
  2. Once the lentils are soft (such that they should get easily crushed under the pressure of your thumb and index finger), drain the water.
  3. Reserve the water. It is super nutritious. It can be used to adjust the consistency of the curry and as stock for any other recipe that calls for vegetable stock.
  4. With the help of large spatula or a potato masher, mash the cooked lentils and vegetables and salt together to a chunky mixture.
  5. Use the stock water to adjust it to a thick curry-like consistency.
  6. Chop the remaining cloves of garlic. Set aside.
  7. Heat oil in a pan. Add mustard seeds and cumin into the hot oil. Once they crackle, add the chopped garlic cloves, broken whole red chili and allow the garlic to turn golden.
  8. Pour the hot garlic-cumin tempering onto the mashed lentil mixture. Mix well.
  9. Serve hot with Naan/rice and a dollop of ghee (clarified butter).

My Take:

You could use a mixture of different lentils or a spinach-kale mixture in the recipe.

Substitute the oil with ghee for a rich and more fragrant curry.

Yummily Yours'



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  1. What a mouthwatering lentil curry!

  2. Comforting plate! I love making this often… And yes, I serve it with a plate of steamed rice or even hot phulkas 🙂 Your version sounds interesting to try soon… <3

  3. Congrats for your 100th recipe and post…it looks delicious and mouth watering…good job and keep going..

  4. Congrats for your 100 post !loved this simple and flavourful daal

  5. Prash! Congratulations on your 100th post! It feels good just to get over the hump, right? I think this dish looks amazing and it is so worthy of #100! It’s perfectly beautiful and very true to your style!

    • Tracy! I somehow missed this comment! Thank you for the assurance about my choice for #100. Oh! It feels like I can get about my work finally! 😀

  6. Hello,
    I found your reciepe from Epicurian Delights. I tried it and my whole family loved it. I like the ease of making it. The only thing I would change is maybe add little turmeric as I did not get the colour like yours so it was not looking very appetizing but taste was great. I used less garlic as per our preference . Thanks for the receipe.

    • Hey Urmi! So glad you liked it 🙂 I did not add turmeric either. The one with the rice does not show any colour. The colour is just the reflection of sunlight and the camera angle. But you could add turmeric 🙂

  7. How much water should you add to the mixture if you’re cooking this on the stovetop?

  8. Thank you! Eager to try this yummy-looking recipe. 🙂

  9. This is delicious!! I have tried this recipe and it came out perfect 🙂 It will be going up on my blog soon. One can also try it with other lentils like mung daal or chana daal, they come out well too.


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