Baked Honey Soy Zucchini

Baked honey soy zucchini is what all of us need right now! A welcome break from the cheesy, starchy, meaty snacks consumed in the name of Superbowl. Tasty, healthy sides like the baked honey soy zucchini?? I say, Come to Mama! Zucchini has always screamed out health to me and I love zucchini. I eat zucchini so often. That got me wondering, why I do not have more zucchini recipes on Yummily Yours? For crying out loud, I have more zucchini in the two sentences above than the no. of recipes on the blog! 😛 I know why. I never… Continue reading


Baked Hasselback Zucchini

Baked Hasselback Zucchini was my tweak this Memorial Day weekend on the traditional Swedish hasselback potatoes. The food photos spread out over the internet for the weekend were mostly of barbecues, salads and potatoes. Not being a great fan of mashed potatoes, I decided to feed my desire for potatoes and fancy food with baked hasselback zucchini. The garlic topping with the fresh herbs…. Ooo La la! Confession time again! While this foodilicious picture and description of my inspiration for the weekend makes it look like I had a super-productive weekend, it was quite the opposite. Not that I am claiming any… Continue reading