Keep this recipe for TURMERIC MILK ( aka miracle Golden Milk) handy before the allergy season hits you!

It’s time! Time for spring and the beautiful blossoming colors around us… Accchooooo! That’s spring allergies sneezing away our admiration for beauty 😀 Spring brings with it inflamed throats, allergies and red eyes; not to mention the spring showers and the flu virus with it. The only way you should fight the effects of nature is with nature itself (you know, like how a diamond can be cut by a diamond and all). Bringing to your rescue, the age old Turmeric milk popular by its modern name of the miracle golden milk!

I know I am sounding like a tacky infomercial but this is not up-selling, this happens to be me, expressing my renewed love (actually, I used to hate it, so is it renewed no-disgust?) for turmeric milk aka haldi doodh. Continue reading