Crunchy Tofu Sticks, A crisp crust and a soft centre just like the best person I know :)

Crunchy “tofu sticks” is a sure-shot way to win anybody over! If they are a tofu lover, you are soon going to become their favorite chef, if they are a tofu hater, they will soon believe you have supernatural powers of transforming yucky into yummy! 😀 A crust that is so crisp that you can hear a crackle when you bite envelops a center so soft, you would think it is a marshmallow! Add a well-balanced seasoning to these complementing textures and you will be making tofu sticks every other day! Continue reading


Roast Tofu

Golden Roast Tofu is basically a method of roasting Tofu to that crisp restaurant-perfection. I decided to share it a post/recipe because of its versatility. You are super hungry, and are willing to eat just about anything (Remember, you threw all the junk food out of your house when you were in one of those goody-two-shoes, I will eat only healthy food moods 😛 ), don’t worry! Roast Tofu comes to your rescue Golden roast tofu doubles as a gourmet appetizer? (especially when u have unannounced guests just before dinner time). Add this to your Salads, Entrees (like the famous Mapo… Continue reading