Khichadi, healing rice & lentil porridge

Khichadi is the epitome of Indian comfort food. Khichadi is what I call a spa for my tummy, a detox food-spa! Not only does this rice and lentil porridge spell comfort with every bite, the ingredients used actually have properties that can soothe your sick body from illness to health. Back home from a long trip? Khichadi. Fever? Khichadi. Upset stomach? Khichadi. No time to cook? Khichadi. Yes. Khichadi is the answer to most food questions in an Indian household (Except for rasam rice… hmmm.. recipe another day?). I have had my fair share of this humble looking dish, but I… Continue reading


Dal Palak

Dal Palak is my 100th post. There. I said it. Dal palak is my 100th post! It was quite tough for me to say this because I always thought that my 100th post will be a fancy cake or a rich dessert but I chose the simpleton Dal Palak. Read on…. While it has been said that the journey is more exciting than the destination itself, I humbly disagree. The beginning of a new journey, the uncertainty, the milestones, the end of a bad one are all so much more exciting to me. Are they scary? Sure, they are.  Do… Continue reading