Made with honey, condensed milk and eggs, honey cake is a soft sponge-like cake that can be served at any occasion.

This honey cake recipe will result in the softest and fluffiest sponge cake you have ever eaten! Honey cake or plain cake can be served with coffee or…You can just lay it out on your table and watch the honey cake go from 10 slices to zero as your family grabs a slice every time they pass by the delicious-looking, nostalgia-inducing light-as-air….. Honey Cake! Continue reading


Eggless Sponge Cake

Eggless sponge cake is in my opinion a blank canvas. A sponge cake is the base for most pastries. I like a vanilla sponge cake because it kind of is a neutral flavor. Like I said, a blank canvas. Paint your imagination with frosting and flavours. I almost prefer the flavour of an eggless sponge cake over the one with egg (probably because egg has quite a dominating flavour). But I feel the one with egg turns out tad more fluffier. I toy around with both while baking.  The search for a perfect sponge cake seems to go on. I… Continue reading