Baked Samosa Pies – “Samosa in a Pie’s Clothing”

Baked Samosa

Baked Samosa Pies (actually more of mini pies) are wolves in a sheep’s clothing. Street food gone fancy! Or may be street food with a make-over. I made the dough at home but if you are short on time, check the “My Take” section for a shortcut that will save you at least 30 minutes. You can probably make them as appetizers for a party or as an evening snack with a cup of hot tea. I was quite skeptical about how this would turn out because I have never had a baked samosa before but to my pleasant surprise,… Continue reading


Pizza Pops

Presenting “Pizza Pops” – the lovechild of Pizza and lollipops or Pizza on a stick! Pardon the “cheesy” magician way of introducing this recipe guys. It is just that I have always wanted to stand in front of a curtain and say “Ta-Da!”. Just a fantasy of mine if you will 😀 Speaking of magicians and wizards, I really wish I had a wand. Oh ya! I have a souvenir wand from the Wizarding world of Harry Potter but I am currently wishing for a wand that actually works… So, if you have one of those, I am not asking… Continue reading