Kadai Paneer gravy

Kadai Paneer? Yes, I get it but what is gravy style, you ask. While most of my Indian friends would understand this term, it could be a bit misleading to my non-Indian friends. No, this kadai paneer recipe is not made from the juices of meat from cooking (it couldn’t be farther from reality :P), but the word gravy here means a thick stew-like consistency. So, gravy style karahi/kadai paneer gravy does not mean non vegetarian stocks and flavors but just that it is non-dry kadai paneer; gravy being just another “proudly” Indian-ized English word 😛 For a person who… Continue reading


mirchi ka salan

This recipe for Mirchi ka salan originates from the city that introduced Chicken Biryani to the world, Hyderabad. A curry made with peppers, peanuts, sesame and other spices, it is a perfect accompaniment to any rice (including plain steamed rice) especially Hyderabadi Biryani. My mind is imprisoned in a Hamlet kind of situation. Stuck between two alternatives, unable to choose one and let go of another but I have no friendly ghost to call upon! Alright, here is my dilemma! Culture and upbringing is a two-face monster! It will play the good cop-bad cop act to its best leaving you… Continue reading