Singapore Street Noodles

I love Singapore Street Noodles. How many of you have stayed away from home, loved ones or your favorite food? I am sure everyone can vouch for me when I say, “Absence definitely makes the heart grow fonder”. Living continents away from home is no cake walk! You begin to crave for that familiar language, smells, taste and anything that your brain associates with HOME.  So the saga of search for food with Indian flavors begins for most Indians outside of India. It is something that never ends! When I walked into one of the popular chain of restaurants and… Continue reading


Crunchy buttermilk rings

Kodbele (code-bay-lay) is a simple gluten-free, crunchy, buttermilk and flour snack. And no, they are not onion rings although their appearance screams otherwise! For those of you who have not read my About section, my mom has influenced my cooking significantly. I have a few recipes on the blog which are exactly how she makes them. This eggplant rice here and this radish dip here are a couple of examples; and now Kodbele. The reason I am bringing my mom up in this blog post is because she used to pack these kodbele for my lunch sometimes. You can understand… Continue reading