Buffalo cauliflower wings

Cauliflower wings, a dish that looks and tastes exactly like the Buffalo wild wings or hot Chicken wings. These cauliflower wings even have crispy skin like with chicken and can make an amazing appetizer for your parties or just something to munch on, while you catch up on some television with your family. I always knew that the world is made up of two kinds of people. Those who like books and those who like the movies that were made based on the books. Those, who play board games over the weekend and those, who go clubbing. And so on… Continue reading


Vangi Bhaat

If my family is interviewed about my favorite dishes; Vangi Bhat would definitely feature in the top 5. There is nothing exotic and no airs about this dish but it has appealed to my palette for as long as I remember. Eggplant is not the prettiest looking vegetable, I agree. But, just enjoy the flavor closing your eyes and you will be hooked to it for life! Just the other day I was telling my I-hate-eggplant husband, “Eggplant is like the ugly duckling of the vegetable kingdom. It is born ugly, but the final dish on your plate is like… Continue reading

Crunchy Hulled Mung Bean Salad | Kosambari

Mung Bean Salad

My mom, like most moms in the world always made the yummiest food. She wanted my bro and me to be well-fed children (read fat kids! :P) which means that we hardly ever ate salads. This was among the few that she made at home. Others included different versions of this or sliced veggies sprinkled with salt and pepper! Not until late in life did I learn that salads can have creamy dressings and meat and eggs! Don’t get me wrong; these new salads (new for me) are very tasty but when mom makes this, I think “Whoa! That’s one… Continue reading